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Restaurant review: The Meat Company, Dubai

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You really cannot find fault with the setting of The Meat Company restaurant in Madinat Jumeirah with its views over the canal towards the spectacular Burj Al Arab, particularly glorious at sunset and when illuminated at night.

But this restaurant is awfully expensive for what you get to eat, and seems to be trading on its earlier reputation as a South African steak house with imported meat.

Menu shift

You will not find any South African meat on the menu now. A shame because it has a unique taste and gave this restaurant something really different.

Now you will pay $50 a head for a 200g US fillet steak with a choice of jacket, mashed or chipped potatoes. At least it does have a special sauce of South African origin perhaps, but the same steak is on sale in the local supermarket Spinneys for a fraction of the price.

Naturally the main course came with no vegetables so there was a side order of mushrooms for an additional $6.80 and as it turned out the garlic sauce was also an extra at $3.30.

On last week’s visit this correspondent found that the house wine from South Africa was also no longer available. The waiter kindly guided us to an alternative. It proved 50 per cent more expensive and at $36 a glass I wished I had paid more attention to the menu prices.

Big bill, small meal

So the grand total for two very small steaks, one side dish and two glasses of wine was $184. Outrageous!

This is a restaurant that we used to like very much but while many places have lowered their prices in the recession The Meat Company seems to have gone in the other direction.

The tourists who pass through the Madinat Jumeirah perhaps do not stop to count the cost of their modest meal, but in the long-run people are bound to notice that there is far better value for money on offer in many other global cities, and in other restaurants in Dubai for that matter.

Dubai has been doing a good job of discounting its hotel rates to bring in the tourists. But frightening them off with highly priced restaurants is not going to help develop Dubai as a global destination during a recession. Older residents are already voting with their feet.


Written by Peter Cooper

January 18, 2010 at 10:24 am

Posted in Restaurants, Travel

2 Responses

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  1. I agree. I went there twice but won’t be going back again. The prices are beyond outrageous but I think the reason the prices are so high is due to rent that they have to pay.

    The steaks I had ordered were small,rough and chewy. Not my idea of a nice steak. The best steak I had ever had was in Tokyo at a Tepanyaki place. I felt that the steak there was expensive but even then it was a bargain compared to what I had paid in Dubai for a steak. Imported meat and high rent lead to high prices leaving consumers unhappy.

    Peter, I recommend you try Al-Safadi (Lebanese restaurant) in Dubai and try their lamb chops (They Barbecue them on a skewer). They also have a bunch of other types of meat for a lot less then the Meat Company. Food there is excellent and delicious. Go to the one on Al-Rigga Rd.

    Here in Taiwan I make my own steaks. I buy the Rib Eye Steaks from Costco in Bulk size and then cut them up at home by myself. 100X better than the steak I had in Dubai for a fraction of the cost.


    January 18, 2010 at 11:52 am

  2. Agree.

    Now that you can find Wagyu in many supermarkets there is no more excuse to eat steak at a restaurant for 10X the price. Get the griddle pans out.

    Lovely view though.

    Sam Dubai

    January 18, 2010 at 10:36 am

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