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Restaurant review: The Edge, Zighy Bay, Oman

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For a true Arabian fine dining experience The Edge, a restaurant perched at 293 metres overlooking Zighy Bay in Oman, is the latest destination for the followers of Gordon Ramsey and his style of nouvelle cuisine ‘taster’ menus, although the British celebrity chef is not associated with this restaurant.

Most diners will also be staying at the exceptional Hideaway hotel by Six Senses in Zighy Bay down below, and this is a splendid location to view the last light of the day setting on the Gulf’s most luxurious eco-resort.

High quality

Despite the isolated location there is no compromise on quality with the emphasis on flavor and quality, though certainly not quantity, that is the guiding principle of this type of cuisine.

The signature menu ranged from ‘carpaccio of tuna, caramelized mango, red pepper reduced Wasabi drizzle’ to ‘Alder smoked asparagus, salmon treated like sashimi’ and ‘Wagyu strip loin 8,9 grade, spiced-chilli popcorn, red wine shallots’.

Each dish is beautifully presented and a work of art. The problem is that you do not actually get much to eat. The dessert ‘cellophaned Roquefort’ – actually Gorgonzola cheese – was small enough for the average mousetrap.

Perhaps The Edge ought to consider following Gordon Ramsey and introducing an alternative three-course menu of more substantial food. This is what the UK master-chef has just done in Dublin at the Ritz-Carlton (see this review).

That said The Edge has rightly focused on achieving the highest standards of fine dining and succeeded. The flavors, aromas, spices and temperatures are arranged to perfection with an emphasis on local products like fish and lobster.

Not cheap

It is also hard to know what to say about pricing at The Edge which is well into the Burj Al Arab league of Arabian hospitality. Wine pricing is also high, although admittedly Omani alcohol tax is 100 per cent compared to 50 per cent in Dubai, so arguably they do well to keep to Dubai price levels.

But if you are looking for the regional state-of-the-art dining experience The Edge has come pretty close. It is very impressive to dine in such style at such a height. In Paris that would mean the Eiffel Tower (see this review).

For restaurants in Oman this is a first, and with careful development The Edge has all the makings of an award-winning restaurant.


Written by Peter Cooper

December 20, 2009 at 8:54 am

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